Shivsrushti Akluj

Shivsrusthi is the main Historical palace in the  Akluj City. The original name of Shivsrushti  is Bhuikot Fort. This Fort was built by Yadav king Raja Singhan in 13th centuary. The Bhuikot Fort has been recently Modernized and named “Shivsrusthi”, sometime also spelled “Shivshrusthi”.

Shivsrusthi Akluj

In this fort shows 173 sculpture and 21 replica panels series of great moments and events related to the Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj life’s. The ’Shivsrushti’ project is  initiated by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) in Akluj.


Distance From Akluj City- 1 km

Address- Shivsrusthi, Near Nira River,


Entry Fee -

Entry Fees Day Time-

10.00am to 06.00pm

Night Time-

06.45pm to 07.30pm

Adults Rs. 20 Rs. 25
Kids* Rs. 15 Rs. 20
Educational Trip Rs. 10 Rs. 15

*Kids Below 4.5 Feet.

Contact before Coming- 9423221397

Free Parking- Yes

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