Shivsrusthi Akluj

Shivsrushti Akluj

Shivsrusthi is the main Historical palace in the  Akluj City. The original name of Shivsrushti  is Bhuikot Fort. This Fort was built by Yadav king Raja Singhan in 13th centuary. The Bhuikot Fort has been recently Modernized and named “Shivsrusthi”, sometime also spelled “Shivshrusthi”. In this fort shows 173 sculpture and 21 replica panels series of great moments and events […]
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Laser ShowAkluj

Laser Show Akluj

Daily arrenge Multimedia Laser Show in Akluj. This is the Water Shield type Laser Show. In this type of laser show water can spread upto 70 meter width and its also best surface to project large scale videos and laser Images. when shows starts, you will be fully engaged in it. The laser rays are […]
February 5, 2013 1

Anandi Ganesh Temple Akluj

Anandi Ganesh Temple is situated on the banks of Nira river. Anandi Ganesh temple is  located on the top of hill and surrounded by beautiful garden named “Shiv-Kirti Baug”. An astonishing view of  NiraRiver, Sayajiraje Park and Akluj City from the temple hill. At the evening time so many people visited to this temple with […]
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Sayajiraje Park Akluj

Welcome to Sayajiraje Park ! Sayajiraje Park  is an amazing World that combination of modern amusement with a touch of culture and tradition. Sayajiraje Park is for Enjoy, relax and feel the proximity to nature with experience courteous service and relish tasty, healthy food and the different thrilling rides and exciting slides. When you entered in Sayajiraje […]
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